Kurtsan has achieved the quality and standard in production, which is ISO 9001/2015; ISO 14001/2015; It has been proved to be the best in the field by documenting it with ISO 45001/2018 management certificate.

Kurtsan always offers its customers the high quality wheel hub and wheel hub kits which it sells to its customers, always aiming to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, with the highest quality at the right time and quantity.

In line with these aims;

It will adopt a customer-oriented working approach by taking into consideration the sustainable production approach, high quality, minimum use of natural resources and occupational health and safety,
Proactively assess health and safety risks, environmental and energy impacts and systematically identify, document and implement improvement plans,
In accordance with the legal conditions it is subject to, the integrated management system will protect the environment and human health by observing the principle of continuous improvement and development,
It will act by reducing the effects of environmental aspects on nature and knowing its responsibilities for tomorrow,
Developing and offering products and services that provide customer value in terms of improved environmental occupational health and safety performance throughout the entire life cycle,
Ensuring the development of employees, environmental and occupational health and safety with trainings, and ensuring the elimination of risks with the participation of employees in possible risks,
Identify the resources, information, training and objectives of the integrated management system needed to comply with this policy,
These aims are undertook by Kurtsan Wheel Hub Industry.

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